An Online Guide Dedicated to Encouraging (More) Fairness

This poem received the National Library of Poetry
"Editor's Choice Award for 1998" and appears in the anthology
"The Hand of Destiny". ISBN 1-57553-618-8

Based upon this original out of print graphic rich 1982 Guide to fairness in relationships, now online in its entirety for the first time.
"It's great to see your book on the Internet.

I continue to recommend it to patients who need it. With otherish patients, in particular, it becomes an integral part of the therapy. So thanks for writing it, and thanks for making it easily available."
Dana L. Cogan, M.D., Psychiatrist, Aurora, Colorado

"What a gift to all who hit upon it!"
-The Rev. & Col.
Larry Dahlstrom, retired, Rapid City, SD

"The fairisher concept is a useful tool in both law and business."
Jordan K. Geotas, J.D., businessman and attorney, Phoenix, Arizona

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